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CFE 18 Degree

Spreadport BBC

Standard 18 degree Spreadport programs are available in both rectangular and oval port configurations depending on engine requirements. CFE 18 degree Spreadport programs are custom engineered for both engine application and manifold requirements.

The 18 degree Spreadport head is recommended specifically for nitrous oxide applications as it promotes efficient atomization of the air-fuel mixture and thus broadening the tuning window of the engine by making it less prone to detonation. Also the larger combustion chamber typical of the 18 degree Spreadport head makes it desirable for applications that require less compression ratio such as turbocharged and blown engines.

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Valve Diameter:As large as 2.400"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:As large as 1.900"
Chamber Volume:95cc @ 4.500 Bore, 97cc @ 4.600 Bore
Seats:Available with ductile iron or alloy seats.
Guides:11/32" valve guides are standard, Alloy guides are standard, steel guides are available upon request and are recommended for boosted applications.
Exhaust Flange:Accepts a standard Big Block Chevy header.
Cooling Provisions:The CFE 18 degree Spread-Port head has cooling provisions on the intake flange.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Intake Manifold:Cast single dominator or tunnel ram manifolds are available for 9.800 or 10.200 deck heights.
Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ on-center
Valve Cover:Requires a standard Big Chief valve cover and valve cover gasket.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Head Stud Part Number:235-4312
Spark Plug:3/4" reach gasketed spark plug
Assembly Components:Call for details

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