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CFE ProKing

Inline Valve SBF

The ProKing is a (ultra) high-port, 10 degree inline (windsor style) racing head designed for serious racing use only. The ProKing head is capable of 1000 naturally aspirated horsepower on a 400 c.i.d. small block with a cast single 4 barrel intake manifold. Featuring an impressive array of application specific cnc port options ProKing heads are engineered to provide maximum power output in a variety of racing scenarios. Whether your racing naturally aspirated, boosted, blown or sprayed CFE has a ProKing solution for your combination.

The ProKing is available with several different guide/valve area combinations including a new wide-guide (2.225 x 1.600) option and matching cnc port programing as large as 289cc's. Other options include alloy valve seats, steel guides for boosted applications, and down nozzle provisions for alcohol injected applications such as sprint car racing.

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Port Volumes:270cc and 289cc
Intake Valve Diameter:2.125" to 2.225"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.550" to 1.625"
Chamber Volume:60cc. Chamber can be machined to Chambers in the 30cc range can be achieved by flat milling the deck. Please specify required chamber volume when placing your order.
Seats:Available with ductile iron or alloy seats
Guides:11/32" valve guides are standard, 5/16" guides are available upon request. Alloy guides are standard, steel guides are available upon request and are recommended for boosted applications.
Exhaust Flange:The ProKing utilizes its own exhaust flange. The header bolt arrangement is inline and has a 2.75" inch bolt spacing to accommodate larger primary tubes.
Cooling Provisions:The ProKing has water provisions (-12 AN) on the front and rear of the cylinder head. There are no water provisions on the intake flange.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Intake Lifters - Left:Qty 8 @ .180" offset
Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ .180" offset
Valve Cover:The ProKing requires a non-perimeter valve cover.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Options:Down nozzle machining for alcohol injection. Lightening program.
Assembly Components:Call for details.

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