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Small Block Chevy

Our development of the GM SB2.2 head has contributed to numerous victories and records. The stats show it with several wins in all three of NASCAR?s premier series including three Sprint Cup Championships. In drag racing, multiple racers have picked up significantly and races have been won in both NHRA Super Stock and NHRA Comp Eliminator.

CFE?s newest Small Block head the SB4.1 is based on the SB2.2 knowledge acquired from years of on and off-track development in both drag racing and circle track applications. The mechanics of the SB4.1 very closely resemble that of the SB2.2 including the mirror image intake port layout, making it an ideal choice for single four barrel applications. This design targets the runners toward the center of the engine which improves distribution, making the intake charge more uniform across all eight cylinders. The SB4.1 features revised guide locations which allows for more programs to cover various applications that the SB2.2 is not compatible for, like turbocharging and nitrous applications.

The CFE SB4.1 also features larger valve combinations which in turn offers increased support for larger displacement small blocks. The SB4.1 is one of our most versatile racing heads and should be given a serious consideration if your racing needs require the use of a single four barrel carburetor and/or a cast intake manifold

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Valve Diameter:As large as 2.250"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:As large as 1.625"
Chamber Volume:30cc to 70cc
Seats:Available with ductile iron or alloy seats.
Guides:11/32" valve guides are standard, 5/16" guides are available upon request. Alloy guides are standard, steel guides are available upon request and are recommended for boosted applications.
Exhaust Flange:The CFE SB4.1 uses a GM SB2.2 exhaust flange.
Cooling Provisions:The CFE SB4.1 has water provisions on the intake flange.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Intake Manifold:Accepts GM or aftermarket SB2.2 intake manifolds or CFE fabricated manifolds.
Valve Cover:The CFE SB4.1 requires the use of a CFE SB4.1 valve cover or a SB2.2 valve cover.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Jesel:KPS-16274, KPS-15766
T&D:209678, 209688
Options:O-ringed intake ports
Assembly Components:Call for details

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