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CFE 15 Degree

Small Block Chevy

The CFE 15 degree wedge is an excellent choice for hardcore small block enthusiasts looking to raise the bar on their performance levels without the expense or complications of a canted valve installation or where rules require the use of a wedge style cylinder head.

Featuring a precision machined aircraft grade A355 T-6 casting the CFE 15 degree head is available with a multitude of application specific cnc porting options that are engineered to maximize the power output of your combination. Capable of producing more than 1000 horsepower on a 400 cubic inch naturally aspirated powerplant.

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Port Volumes:242cc, 255cc, 270cc, 287cc
Intake Valve Diameter:2.125" to 2.225"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.600"
Chamber Volume:36cc to 70cc
Seats:Available with ductile iron or alloy seats
Guides:11/32" valve guides are standard, 5/16" guides are available upon request. Alloy guides are standard, steel guides are available upon request and are recommended for boosted applications.
Exhaust Flange:The CFE 15 degree head uses a standard 18 degree exhaust bolt pattern. Header adapter plates are available upon request.
Cooling Provisions:The CFE 15 Degree head has standard small block Chevy cooling provisions on the intake flange.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Intake Manifold:Uses most 18 degree small block Chevy intake manifolds.
Intake Lifters - Left:Qty 4 @ .180 offset
Intake Lifters - Right:Qty 4 @ .180 offset
Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ on-center
Valve Cover:The CFE 15 degree head requires a non-perimeter valve cover for rocker arm clearance.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Head Stud Part Number:234-4321
Spark Plug:3/4" reach gasketed spark plug
Assembly Components:Call for details

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