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Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Port Volumes:238cc, 248cc, 260cc, 268cc
Intake Valve Diameter:2.125"-2.200"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.600"
Chamber Volume:48cc-67cc
Seats:Alloy or Ductile
Guides:11/32" valve guides
Exhaust Flange:Standard Chevrolet 18 degree exhaust pattern (spread - inline). Adapters optional.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Intake Manifold:Utilizes most 18 degree Small Block Chevy intake manifolds with a 5 degree intake flange.
Intake Lifters - Left:Qty 4 @ .180 offset
Intake Lifters - Right:Qty 4 @ .180 offset
Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ .180 offset
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Jesel:KPS-12165, KPS-10742
Head Stud Part Number:234-4321
Spark Plug:3/4" reach gasketed

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