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CFE 5.000 - 5.200 - 5.300 Pro Mod Specials

Billet Symmetrical Port BBC

All CFE ProMod heads are now available constructed from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. 6061 T-6 heads are structurally superior to cast heads and are recommended for applications requiring additional strength due to high cylinder pressure and extreme heat... like Pro Modified. Billet versions are available in either solid or water-jacketed configurations.

Engineered for large displacement engines 700+ c.i.d. Going to war requires heavy artillery. These symmetrical port Big Block heads deliver the goods.

The starting point in this lineup of professional mountain motor big block heads is the 5.000¨ version. Introduced in 2003, this head was revolutionary in design. The first generation of nitrous Pro-Mod heads engineered with a symmetrical port layout. Proven in battle these heads reigned supreme for over half a decade and would currently be an excellent choice for Top Sportsman competitors and can easily support powerplants up to 800 cubic inches.

The 5.200¨ raised the bar to support well over 800 cubic inches of displacement. Again symmetrical in design, they were an integral part of the awe inspiring, mammoth Fulton Pro-Mod engines which wreaked havoc on the 2008 Pro-Mod scene. The same bullet was Jim Halsey´s weapon of choice when he shattered the elusive 5-second nitrous Pro-Mod barrier at the 2008 Shakedown.

Now 2011 is upon us and CFE has launched yet another breakthrough in cylinder head engineering... The CFE 5.300¨. This head is easily capable of feeding over 900 cubic inches for the next generation of Pro-Mod engines. Let loose the dogs of war...

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Intake Port Volumes:Call for details.
Intake Valve Diameter:Call for details.
Exhaust Valve Diameter:Call for details.
Chamber Volume:Call for details.
Seats:Alloy intake and exhaust seats are standard
Guides:11/32 steel guides are standard on the exhaust
11/32 alloy guides are standard on the intake.
Exhaust Flange:CFE ProMod flanges are available from varius sources.
Cooling Provisions:CFE ProMod heads have -16AN coolant provisions on both ends of the head.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Minimum Bore:5.200: 4.800 - 4.900 max
5.300: 5.000 min
Intake Manifold:CFE die-formed fabricated manifold or CFE billet runner manifold required.
Valve Cover:Fabricated valve covers required.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Jesel:5.200 & 5.300 Jesel rocker arm kit #: KPS-040120
5.000 Jesel rocker arm kit #: KPS-040110
Spark Plug:3/4" reach gasketed spark plug
Options:O-ringed intake ports, step washers

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