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CFE 18 Degree N2O Specials

Spreadport BBC

This is our original big-bore-spaced head developed specifically for Pro-Mod drag racing. Over the past decade there have been several versions tested by the best and most noted nitrous engine builders in the country. The most current version recommended specifically for nitrous oxide applications features an 18 degree primary valve angle and a revised guide location relative to the bore. This adds a great deal of strength to the piston in the area of the valve relief relative to the top ring land (a weak spot with all nitrous engines). As a result higher power levels can be achieved.

Cylinder Head Specifics

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Head Bolt Pattern:Brodix-Eicke or CFE-Fulton
Intake Valve Diameter:2.400" - 4.600" bore, 2.480" - 4.675" Bore
Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.900"
Chamber Volume:97cc
Seats:Alloy seats are standard.
Guides:11/32" steel guides are standard on the exhaust, 11/32" alloy guides are standard on the intake.
Exhaust Flange:CFE 5" flanges are available from various aftermarket sources. The pattern is a standard big block Chevy pattern on 5" centers.
Cooling Provisions:The CFE 18 degree head has cooling provisions on the intake flange. Coolant holes for a -16AN fitting can be added to the end of the casting upon request.

Cylinder Head Requirements

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Minimum Bore:4.600"
Intake Manifold:CFE die-formed fabricated manifold or CFE billet runner manifold required.
Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ on-center
Valve Cover:Requires a standard Big Chief valve cover and valve cover gasket.
Shaft Rocker System (required)
Head Stud Part Number:235-4312
Spark Plug:3/4" reach gasketed spark plug
Assembly Components:Call for details

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